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What will be ‘Microsoft window 10 Anniversary updates’ ?

It is going to one year since Microsoft launched Window 10. What is going to new as window 10 Anniversary update. Since free window 10 upgrade offer is expiring after one month. After it expires, it costs about 119$.

According Microsoft, 350 million devices were now using window 10. It is huge success for Microsoft for first year although some bug still need to solve. Customer satisfaction is at high priority, Mr Mehdi told. It had over 135 billion hours of usage since launch.  It is expecting that more user take advantage of the free update before the deadline ends. Microsoft aim is to succeed more than a billion devices running window 10 within next years.

Before window 10 launch, all hope that Microsoft will make available as a free upgrade for window 7 or 8 user on any device with hardware capable of running it. At a time when Microsoft was well and truly left behind by the smartphone boom, the Windows 10 strategy, put into action by the then-new chief executive Satya Nadella, was certainly a bold move.

Despite a lot progress towards billion goals, Microsoft faces the reality that user engagement on PC or tablet is far more on mobile devices and this trend continue which to be disadvantage.

Microsoft is successfully transforming Windows into a service and creating the platform for a future that’s possible to be more about initiative facilities, cloud and artificial intelligence than consumer computing

There should be something new at the Anniversary update and will be released on 2 August, includes a lots of new features. As has been a big trend across the tech industry this entire year, Microsoft’s voice-activated assistant Cortana is becoming an even more important part of the operating system. On Windows 10-powered devices, Cortana will soon seen above the lock screen. The Anniversary Update will be when it makes its full public debut.

In this release you can  see that  pen become a first-class method of input,” said Mr Mehdi, explaining how the pen could now be used to scribble notes quickly on to the screen.

Also in the update: more uses for Windows Hello. For a while, Hello has been able to log you into a Windows 10 device just by recognizing your face (or fingerprint). The company pointed out that Windows 10 apps made by iHeartRadio and Dropbox already supported the function had been the case for months, and did not include those firms’ websites. A long way to go on that idea, then.

Let’s hope more new features in Microsoft Anniversary updates.

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