mystery of light at sky

What was that mystery light in the sky of California?

Mystery bright light was spotted across the sky from Utah to California which put residents in dilemma Wednesday night.
Eyewitnesses posted their videos as well as their own view on social media. People wanted the answer: what was that light? Was it a meteor? A missile?  spacecraft? or UFO?

It is difficult to give exact answer to such questions and there are lots of theories propagated at such mystery light. But one theory got the most power and it states that such mystery of light is a heap of burning space junk.
“We saw the most mysterious fireball in the sky”, said one witness as what he saw of the Sierra mountains in California.

People stepped outside to capture this mystery of light on cameras.

Similarly, an astronomer at the Havard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics claimed that it was from a Chinese rocket, called the Chang Zheng 7 rocket lunched on June 25 on his twitter.
In response to further questions about how he arrived at such conclusion, Jonathan McDowell said he had study the situation as well as at same time the Chang Zheng 7 was over Utah.

China already launched the rocket, known as the Long march 7 to deliver a prototype shuttle into space.
Since this mystery of bright light got already popular all over on social media and there was plenty of humour also.

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