shower of meteors

Marvellous fireballs were seen across the sky of different countries

Witnesses say that the annual Perseid meteor shower was much more than normal in the sky of UK in first hours of Friday.

Meteor shower mostly occurs on August. Scientists beliefs that this year shower will be more intense because of gravitational nudge by Jupiter.

Some scientists were expecting up to 250 meteors per hour in the night sky at the shower’s peak.

The Perseid meteor shower is created by trail of wreckage from a comet called Swift-Tuttle which circles the Sun.

On every July and August, materials left by swift-Tuttle are scattered with meteors and hit the atmosphere creating flashes of light.

Such meteors are called the Perseids they are created from the constellation Perseus.

This year earth moved through a particularly distinctive moment of wreckage a day earlier than normal, according to scientists. This cluster of material has been pushed into the Earth’s path by Jupiter’s gravity.

Everybody enjoyed the showers who were out early on Friday morning.

Astronomical Dr Sam Lind said that it is quite difficult to see more form the naked eye, but he saw a lot of spectacular bright of fireballs.

People from a dark area can see 60-100 meteors an hour at the shower’s peak. The US based space agency NASA suggested that the shower could be double this year.

Bill Cooke form Nasa’s meteoroid office predicated that the shower could be double this year on the night of August 11-12.

 Rates of shower could be more than 200 meteors per hour under perfect conditions.

Several pictures sent from the UK and Ireland displayed to feature multi-coloured flashes as the fireballs burnt up in the atmosphere.

Seeing the multi-colour change from one colour to another across the sky seems to be wonder, said Dr Lindsay.

Friday morning was the peak of shower and can be continue to several days over the weekend.

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