Manufacturing Process of Cement

               Cement is produced by heating a mixture of lime stone and special kind of clay (red clay) from mines. To make cement, the powdered mixture containing one third part of clay and two third part of limestone is made slurry in water. The slurry is passed down from the top of a tall kiln via rotating vessel. The kiln is heated from top so that lower zone of kiln has less temperature. The red ball like structure of the mixture of clay, coal and marble when heated at 600°C is known as cement clinker. Cement clinker is a complex mixture containing calcium silicates and calcium aluminates. Cement is produced when it is powdered
               When cement is mixed with water, it stiffens slowly. The mixture prepared from sand, pebbles and water with cement is called concrete. Cement is used to construct road, bridge, dam canal, houses, etc.
               In our country Himal Cement Factory Pvt.Ltd., situated at Chobhar, Kathmandu, has a capacity of  500 M.T., Hetauda Cement Factory and Udaypur Cement Factory are two other big factories in Nepal.
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