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Free upgrade to the Window 10 ends by July 29

July 29 is the last day for a free upgrade to the Window 10 operating system.  After July 29, Window 10 operating system costs $120 for home edition and $200 for the professional edition.

This free offer includes PCs and tablets running window 7 or newer version. Microsoft offering this free upgrading for limited period has been criticized for awkward strategies in promoting the upgrade.

Similarly, it was criticized heavily in May when it put the pop-up box encouraging user to upgrade. A California woman sued the company for an automatic window 10 upgrade which made her computer unusable.

In June, the giant company said that it was going to offer clear decisions for user seeing the upgrade. Around the world 300 million devices are using Window 10. Experts agree that upgrading to Window 10 bring some benefits to user.

This system using Cortana which can be called Microsoft’s virtual assistant can find restaurants, create calendar events and syncs with the Cortana app on any phone. It is designed in such way that it looks same on any devices and has a new browser called Edge.

Window 10 users agree that the operating system is easier to use and better than Window 8. It reused the Start Menu which was missing at window 8.

Microsoft has already published a list of common issues caused by upgrading or installing Window 10 and recommendation to try to fix the problem.  PCs having less storage can get problems for upgrading and cannot get many new features.

We can conclude that there will be pros and cons to upgrading and depend upon the user. Consumers can get more benefits as Microsoft is adding more features in it.


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