What is distilled Water?

For ordinary lab use, water is distillated in a copper vessel or stainless steel vessel automatically heated by gas, flame or electricity. A pure sample is obtained by adding a little acidified potassium permanganate solution to ordinary distilled water and allowing the mixture to stand for a few hours. The water is then distilled; the distillate is mixed with a little barium hydroxide and re-distilled using a tin condenser. Hard water has both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Hard water

1.Hard water is advantageous for the strengthening the bones and teeth.
2.Due to the presence of soluble salts, water becomes tasty otherwise; it is a flap in taste.
3.Hard water is used in beer factory.

Disadvantages of Hard water

1.Large amount of soap is wasted while washing clothes in hard water because it does not produce lather readily.
2.White clothes become dull after regular washing in hard water.
3.When hard water is boiled scales are formed which reduces the life of the boiler.
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