cell structure

Cell Structure


Shape and size:

1.The cell varies greatly in size and shape. Cells are invisible to the naked eye. However they can be seen and studied under a microscope.
2.The shape of cell depends on the type of cell. Cells vary greatly in shape as they are spherical, oval, polygonal, narrow and elongated.
3.The cells vary in size from 5 micron to 15 micron in diameter (1 micron = 1/100 mm).
4.Smallest cells are bacteria having a diameter of 0.5- 5.0 micron. One of the largest cells among the animals is the yolk cells of the ostrich egg, which is approximately 8cm in diameter.
smallest cell of bacteria

smallest cell of bacteria

5.The nerve cell of some mammals measure a meter or more in length. Most cell, both in plants and animals have average dimensions from 0.5 to 2 µ. The size of a cell is directly related to the increase or decrease of its contents.

Parts of the Cell

Detailed parts of the cell can be studied with the help of an electron microscope. The cells differ greatly in form and function but exhibit much the same fundamental organisms. A typical plant cell consists of the following structure
a.Cell wall

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