Discover of Phosphours

Phosphorus discovery history Each of the 103 chemical elements…
Dmitri Mendeleev

The beginning of Chemistry

 Ancient Egyptians  Men were making use of chemistry long…

Chemical Formulas - Nomenclature

IUPAC Systematic chemical names of inorganic compounds were…

What is distilled Water?

For ordinary lab use, water is distillated in a copper vessel…
Permutit process

Removal of Permanent Hardness of water

It is not easy to remove permanent hardness of water as temporary…

Removal of Temporary Hardness of Water

Temporary hardness of water can be removed easily. The following…
Hard and soft water

Types of Water

There are usually two types of water. They are: a) Hard…


Air is a mixture of different gases and water vapour. It covers…

Solubility of Substance

 Scientists have found that all the substances of same weight…